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 Icemota's App - Accepted

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PostSubject: Icemota's App - Accepted   Icemota's App - Accepted Icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 12:38 pm

I do have a link. Character: Icemota. Probably the best way to get the information you need.

*Are you a Galka?
No, hell no.

*What job(s) do you have 75?
White mage, Red Mage, Bard, Ranger,

*What sub jobs do you have leveled?
Black Mage, Samurai, Warrior,

*What merits do you have?
A lot, Iíll but the notable ones here. Below is the link to ffxiah and my merits
Max White Mage merits (5/5 ShellraV, 5/5 Barspell)
Red Mage (2/5 Slow II, Blind II, Para II, Dia III 2/5, Phalanx) and some into elemental
Ranger (5/5 Snapshot, 1/5 rapid shot)
Bard has no merit yet.

*Do you have any notable gear?
A mix of Relic, AF+1, Sky, Einherjar, & Nyzul.

*What job do you consider your main job (best geared, best merited)?
Ranger, White Mage, and Red Mage all have good gear and merit
I would like to spend more time on Ranger and Red Mage.

*Please list in detail your gear sets and merits for this job (Screenshots are fine as well):

*Do you have Sky?
Yes, used to be a leader of a sky shell. Limbus_300 and Aether. We do not do sky anymore. I am currently part of Sky shell ThreeHours that goes Saturday but I really have no qualms about leaving but I am looking for Whands, Wlegs, and BHaidate.

*If not what ZM are you currently on?
*Do you have Sea?
*If not what CoP are you currently on?
*What ToAU mission are you currently on?
Path of Darkness
*What is your currant Assault rank?
First Lieutenant. I have all assault t6 and lower complete.

About how many assault points do you have?
Spread out probably ~25k

*What Dynamis zones do you have clear?
All, do not have a Tav win though. Kill dynamis lord a bunch of times.

*What events are you interested in participating with us (We currently do: Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis, Some Sea and Sky, and Some HNM)?
I currently run a Limbus shell (year+) and a Dynamis shell.
Iím interested in Sea, Sky, and HNM. At the moment I have a Nyzul Static and am unable to do Salvage. Salvage will be an interest when I finish Nyzul.

What is your playtime like?
I am on most nights and weekends. Sundays and Wednesdays I have events most of the day/night. Thursdays nights I take two hours to do nyzul.

What are your goals while playing FFXI?
Dancing on Scrynthís corpse is my favorite past time.
Dancing on Artaxerxes corpse is also a requirement.
I believe I have max skill in corpse dancing.

*Do you take advice/criticism well?
As long as it is constructive then yes. The people that offer advice on how to do an event or fight will be welcome. People that believe they know everything about ffxi and how to play my job are ignored.

*Do you have access to Ventrilo (We use Vent in all of our events, while not required it will help you to know what is going on)?
*Do you have a mic?

Previous Linkshells?

*Previous endgame experience?
Iíve done a lot in game, missing Sea and Salvage experience.
*Do you know any of our members? Will they vouch for you?
Scrynth is my recruiter. Iíve been around with the LS for events and know some other members casually.

*Any notable accomplishments in game?
I have max skill in corpse dancing.
Alchemy skill 91.

*Anything you would like to add?
I am currently finishing up Samurai sub for Ranger then will be leveling Scholar sub for White Mage followed by Dark Knight for Red Mage.
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Icemota's App - Accepted
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