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 Sulfur Application - Accepted

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Sulfur Application - Accepted Empty
PostSubject: Sulfur Application - Accepted   Sulfur Application - Accepted Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 11:37 pm

Are you a Galka? Fur... no thanks

What job(s) do you have 75? RDM BLM DRK RNG ---- 70MNK

What sub jobs do you have leveled? Everything Relevant to my mains plus some more

What merits do you have?
RDM - Merits maxed except MP & Convert. Slow2 + Bio3
DRK - lol Desperate Blows and Last resort effect
BLM - Burst2 Freeze 2 Full thunder potency, 2 ice potency's
RNG - Max markshmanship, snapshot and flashy shot

Do you have any notable gear? Sure do, dont make me list it though. I'm sure you will see it all in time, lol

What job do you consider your main job (best geared, best merited)? Best geared and merited are RDM & BLM

Please list in detail your gear sets and merits for this job (Screenshots are fine as well): when i get home if i must, i will post all of my windower macro's ; ;

Do you have Sky? Yep

If not what ZM are you currently on?

Do you have Sea? Yep

If not what CoP are you currently on?

What ToAU mission are you currently on? Damn boat fight where the bones killed me

What is your currant Assault rank? Second Class

About how many assault points do you have?

What Dynamis zones do you have clear? All

What events are you interested in participating with us (We currently do: Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis, Some Sea and Sky, and Some HNM)? Anything im online for really.. I do hate taking zeni pictures though

What is your playtime like? work sunday night to thursday morning. 10 Hr shifts kinda make me worthless through those days. I'll still try to attend if it doesnt interfere with work.

What are your goals while playing FFXI? As Amun noticed, or talked to Nerevar. Goal is all 75's, lol. Other than that, playing the job to the best of its ability (skill) is sometimes better than gear. Ive seen decked out people that suck

Do you take advice/criticism well? Only if theres name calling. Nah advice is helpful if you go about the advice the right way

Do you have access to Ventrilo? (We use Vent in all of our events, while not required it will help you to know what is going on) Yep

Do you have a mic? Yep

Previous Linkshells? Unmerciful... a few other i cant remember or wasnt with for more than a week

Previous endgame experience? Various things here and there. last shell was a sky shell

Do you know any of our members? Will they vouch for you? I'm already in the shell, I was just bored at work and created an application. I do know Nerevar, Chron, Mez, and Ukeza. Whether or not they vouch for me is a different story.

Any notable accomplishments in game? ISOLOSTUFF & have failed getting KCLUB to drop on 15 runs total so far

Anything you would like to add?
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Sulfur Application - Accepted
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