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 Celebrindor Application - Accepted

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PostSubject: Celebrindor Application - Accepted   Celebrindor Application - Accepted Icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 8:49 pm

Are you a Galka? Nope- back to the mines!

What job(s) do you have 75? BLM, RDM

What sub jobs do you have leveled? THF, WHM, DRK, NIN, BLU upcoming

What merits do you have? 2 MP, 2 INT, 2 emnity down, 2 spell interrupt down, 7 elemental magic, 7 enfeebling magic. BLM- 3 ice potency, 3 thunder potency, 1 freeze2, 1 burst2, 1 tornado2. RDM- 3 convert recast, 2 ice potency, 2 wind potency, 1 slow2, 1 paralyze2, 2 dia3.

Do you have any notable gear? 6/6 duelist's (chap+1), 4/6 sorcerer's (missing feet/belt), 3/5 crimson (missing head/body), 3/5 Zenith (missing feet/body), Thunder/Ice/Wind/Dark obis, Loq. Earring, Suppa, Relaxing Earring, Ugga Pendant, Sorc. Ring (full gear to proc), HQ ice/thunder/wind/earth/dark staves, Swift Belt, Wlk, Chap+1, Tamas Ring, Omega Ring, typical AH gear not worth mentioning.

What job do you consider your main job (best geared, best merited)? RDM- although my BLM is catching up. Still can't hit 150 INT on BLM for elemental enfeebles though.

Please list in detail your gear sets and merits for this job (Screenshots are fine as well):
RDM enfeebling: staff/ bugard+1/ /phantom talthlum
Dls. Chap+1/Enf. torque/Morion Earring/Loq. Earring
Wlk. Tabard/Duelist's Gloves-Dev. mitts/Tamas Ring/Omega Ring
Prism Cape/ Penitent's Rope/Mahatma Slops/Duelist's Boots-Wise Pigaches

RDM nuking: staff/ bugard+1/ /phantom talthlum
Wlk Chap+1/Elemental Torque-Ugga Pendant/Moldavite Earring/Morion Earring
Errant Hpl./Zenith Mitts/ Tamas Ring/ Omega Ring
Prism Cape/Penitent's Rope-obi/Mahatma slops-Duelist's Tights/Duelist's Boots

RDM resting: Pluto's Staff/ Bugard+1/ /phantom talthlum
Dls. Chap+1/ Beak Neckace+1/Relaxing Earring/Loq. Earring
Errant Hpl./ Zenith Mitts/ Tamas Ring/Ether Ring
Lamia Mantle+1/Duelist's Belt/Crimson Cuisses/Duelist's Boots

RDM dark: pluto's staff/bugard+1/ /phantom talthlum
Wlk. Chap+1/dark torque/dark earring/loq. earring
Glamor Jupon/Crimson Finger Gauntlets/Tamas Ring/Omega Ring
Lamia Mantle+1/Anrin Obi-Swift Belt/Crimson Cuisses/Duelist's Boots

RDM enhancing: staff/bugard/ /phantom talthlum
Dls. Chap+1/enhancing torque/any earring/loq. earring
Glamor Jupon/Dls. Gloves/any rings
Lamia +1/Swift Belt/Wlk. Tights/Dls. Boots
explanation: No enhancing earring in this setup as I am currently at 296 enhancing magic skill. +3 from earring brings me to 299, which does not break a tier. Need Sea cape to hit 301, which WILL break a tier.

RDM fastcast/recast key gear: Wlk. Chap+1, Duelist's Tabard, Loq. Earring, Dusk Gloves, Swift Belt.

BLM sets available on request. I have a full sorc. ring proc set, max INT set that brings me to 139 INT without food, and full enfeebling set (do not have icqira lappas, as the things I enfeeble on BLM are only T-VT and I have an acceptable landing rate for myself.

Do you have Sky? Yes. On celestial nexus though, need to finish for apoc. nigh

If not what ZM are you currently on? n/a

Do you have Sea? Yes.

If not what CoP are you currently on? Tamas Ring: O

What ToAU mission are you currently on? Shades of Vengeance- Lamia BCNM

What is your currant Assault rank? PSC.....yeah I know shitty.

About how many assault points do you have? <5000

What Dynamis zones do you have clear? All zones except Tavnazia. Have farmed Tav 10+ times.

What events are you interested in participating with us (We currently do: Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis, Some Sea and Sky, and Some HNM)? Pretty much all I can attend except sky. As of this moment I have no urge to level a job that would need heca/adaman/shura/gods gear.

What is your playtime like? 10PM EST-2AM EST, 5-7 days/week. This is very rigid- I have a wife and two children (ages 3 and 10 months), which are my complete committment during the day hours. I know this is later than most events....I'm not looking for a handout and I know my hours will place me at a disadvantage when it comes to aquiring gear- to be blunt I don't care, I want a home that is competent and active. You can count on me to be at any event that I'm currently online for.

What are your goals while playing FFXI? Craft and uncurse my own Dalmatica, 5/5 Morrigan's, Novio Earring, Aureole (I refuse to believe AV will always remain so elusive), perfect a soloing melee RDM build, and once I'm the only one left on all servers, a Murgleis. But last and most important to me is to be able to leave knowing I did what wanted to, didn't burn anyone in the process, and can comfortably log off in Miseraux Coast overlooking the waterfall without feeling the pull back after 3 months (a lot to finish first haha).

Do you take advice/criticism well? As long as those who are giving it know their shit. I may have the hours of a casual player, and I am missing some very key gear for my RDM and BLM at the moment, but I take my gearing/playstyle VERY seriously. I try to make the best of what I have, and if people of equal/better knowledge of those jobs or mobs we're fighting come along I listen VERY intently.

Do you have access to Ventrilo? (We use Vent in all of our events, while not required it will help you to know what is going on) I have a headset, and I guess I could get on vent. However, I will not be able to talk as that's kind of the line my wife draws when it comes to my gaming I of course could listen in for directions at fights/etc. Also, haven't tried it to see how much it would crap out my PoS computer while playing.

Do you have a mic? headset with mic. But see above as to why I can't be using it.

Previous Linkshells? Limitbreak Dynamis, Prishe Limbus (short lived, about 2 months then had scheduling conflicts that forced me to leave- can ask Hitokiribatousi about that for confirmation it wasn't a drama/personality issue), Euphorya Sky/limited Sea, Facepalm Einherjar, Caffeine trial only (again, scheduling issues. Can speak to Gerkin for confirmation, as well as a general referral. He probably knows me better on the server than almost anyone)

Previous endgame experience? Heavily experienced in Dynamis, with 5 DL kills and clears of all zones except Tavnazia. All sky gods more times than I'd like to admit. Sea first tier jailers and Ix'aerns. Limbus all zones except Ultima/Omega. Killed Adamantoise/Behemoth. Fought Nidhogg with the now defunct DeskJet in a helping out role (no kill- was SEVERELY undermanned haha). Aspid Kill with Caffeine while on trial. All T1 and T2 Einherjar clears, one T3 clear.

Do you know any of our members? Will they vouch for you? Falaras and I have been close a while. Hope he'd vouch! Did Facepalm with a couple members (Wildthang, possibly others? I have a horrid memory of names sometimes). Cabbyzee as a fellow clothcrafter that I often see fighting me for sales^^

Any notable accomplishments in game? Crafting. Clothcraft 99.1+3, Goldsmithing 60+1, Leathercraft 60, Smithing 55.1, Alchemy 22.3. 1st. DL win with Limitbreak 12/16/06, Finished CoP pre-dumbing down (not really an accomplishment- I'm pissed they did it in the first place). I do have some small solos that I'm proud of- Ose, Mysticmaker (as lv60RDM/BLM), Amikiri, Zipanca, Bastok 6-2, ToAU Khimera mission, Brothers. I know no bearing on an app, but felt as worth mentioning because I feel its a good gauge of general mindset in the game. I may not have the time always, but when I'm on I strive to always be on top of my game.

Anything you would like to add?

I will say that my family pulls priority with me, especially my children. This is why I can never get on before 8PM-9PM EST, before they go to bed. I'll occassionally pop on during naptime midday to solo exp or craft, but not to do events. I then take a few hours of just my wife and I before I pop on the game...a few times a month I usually pop on right at 8PM if my wife is out with friends or something else. If this is an issue, I completely understand. I know and want you to know upfront what my playing hours are like, and am hoping for an active late-night scene as well.

Lastly (god this feels like WoT material), I do have generalized epilepsy. I am lucky that for a long time my medication has kept the seizures at bay- but when I seize its always grand mal (first one I had 2 years ago (age 28 then) actually put me in ICU on a ventilator for 4 days). It doesn't mean anything for my FFXI'ing (just play with effects off most of the time), there is always a possibility that a seizure can knock me out for a few days or a week.

If you've read this far I apologize- god that was long winded!
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Celebrindor Application - Accepted
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