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 Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted

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Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted Empty
PostSubject: Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted   Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 3:38 pm

Are you a Galka?
--- Mithra
What job(s) do you have 75?
--- LOLPUP thf(th4) whm brd
What sub jobs do you have leveled?
--- all subjobs except LOLDRG drk and sam
What merits do you have?
---alot.. h2h7, crit4, str1, dagger1, enfeebling1, auto magic5/5, feint1, tripple attack1, ventriloquy aura steal, role reversal, martyr, devotion, bar spell2
Do you have any notable gear?
---voyager sallet, velocious belt, ixion cloak, blau dolch, sirrico kukri, pantin dastanas+1, pantin cape, puppetry babouches+1, assassins armets, love torque
What job do you consider your main job (best geared, best merited)?
Please list in detail your gear sets and merits for this job (Screenshots are fine as well):
Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted Ffxi_20090523_212830

Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted Ffxi_20090523_213717
---i also have walmart turban and swift belt for tp for a haste build so far

Do you have Sky?
If not what ZM are you currently on?

Do you have Sea?
If not what CoP are you currently on?

What ToAU mission are you currently on?
---ToAU27 - Misplaced Nobility
What is your currant Assault rank?
About how many assault points do you have?
---not many, in nyzul static atm
What Dynamis zones do you have clear?
---i have win for every zone except tav, i have tav access but i do dynamis with Hydracorps

What events are you interested in participating with us (We currently do: Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis, Some Sea and Sky, and Some HNM)?
---Salvage and ZNM mostly
What is your playtime like?
---random, moving soon and getting a new job so i dunno really, i usually stay up late, i may become nocturnal w/ my new job who knows, atm usually 5pm CST - 3am CST

What are your goals while playing FFXI?
--- Fix Puppetmaster
Do you take advice/criticism well?
--- very well, i know im not the most well informed person when it comes to ffxi, i usually ask Falaras when im unsure of stuff ><
Do you have access to Ventrilo? (We use Vent in all of our events, while not required it will help you to know what is going on)
--- yes
Do you have a mic?

Previous Linkshells?
---Bluerats, KABALAH, DragonRiders, Zenihunters, FarBeyondDriven, Collateral
Previous endgame experience?
--- lots, killed about everything except for.. Vrtra, KB, Hydra, PW, AV,~
Do you know any of our members? Will they vouch for you?
Any notable accomplishments in game?
--- got LOLPUP to 75 w/o soloing fuck thats an accomplishment idc who you are lol.
Anything you would like to add?
---Falaras just joined the shell but says really good things, says u guys are pretty small but you have high hopes, i really wish to kill PW, and someday AV. Its possible but people hardly ever try/ I want to fix LOLPUP and show its usefullness at events but first i have to experiment w/ it at events so i can find its usefulness myself lol, also i didn't mean anything hurtful in saying i didn't think of you as an hnm ls, if you took it as an insult then im sorry
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Jadecc - application (edit) - Accepted
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