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PostSubject: About us.   About  us. Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2009 1:16 pm

Last Odyssey was started during the summer of 2008. Initially it just did salvage with hopes of expanding in time to encompass other events. As time went on, members were discovered and invited to join the Linkshell. Some for their ability as a player, others due to the jobs they had, but more for their character and sharing the same desire and outlook as everyone else.

Due to the increase of members the Linkshell started to explore other end game activities. Some of these include Limbus, Sea, Sky, HNM (including instances like Bahamut v2), Dynamis, and ZNM. The Linkshell has maintained a serious, but relaxed stance towards all the previously listed events. With the exception of a few events, most things (Sky for example) are done on an as needed basis. If you need it, Last Odyssey will do what it can to help you achieve it.

Last Odyssey is more focused on skilled playing then throwing mass amounts of people at stuff until it is dead. Also, Last Odyssey believes in gearing its members more so then selling items that members need. Though we have many skilled players one thing they all lack is greed. This has caused no drama over drops, and any confusion on how drops have been sorted is dealt with in a quick and civil manner. If a mistake is made it will be acknowledged and fixed. Last Odyssey is about dedication and hard work while keeping a relaxed, and fun environment to the events it does.

Last Odyssey hopes that if you have a similar mentality towards the game as we do that you will take the time and consider joining us. We are willing to help you in anyway we can. This ranges from getting gear, to just advice, or strategy on different ways things can be done.
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About us.
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