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 Daryn's app.

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PostSubject: Daryn's app.   Daryn's app. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 9:11 pm

Are you a Galka?
What job(s) do you have 75?
lots ^^ 13-75
What sub jobs do you have leveled?
everything cept sch
What merits do you have?
lots for many of my 75's
Do you have any notable gear?
yes, even have a ridill drk
What job do you consider your main job (best geared, best merited)?
i keep all my 75 geared and good to use anytime
Please list in detail your gear sets and merits for this job (Screenshots are fine as well):
i have a Jing Jang robe for smn heca for melee osode ridill etc....

Do you have Sky?
If not what ZM are you currently on?

Do you have Sea?
If not what CoP are you currently on?

What ToAU mission are you currently on?
What is your currant Assault rank?
Supperior private
About how many assault points do you have?
a bunch throughout
What Dynamis zones do you have clear?
all except qufim and tavnazia

What events are you interested in participating with us (We currently do: Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis, Some Sea and Sky, and Some HNM)?
i can do w/e events that is going on
What is your playtime like?
atm i am on most days

What are your goals while playing FFXI?
i like to meet cool ppl have good friends and help ppl out while making my character better to
Do you take advice/criticism well?
Do you have access to Ventrilo? (We use Vent in all of our events, while not required it will help you to know what is going on)
i sure do
Do you have a mic?
you know it

Previous Linkshells?
Previous endgame experience?
i did everything endgame ^^
Do you know any of our members? Will they vouch for you?
lots, mashi and slaya would vouch for me
Any notable accomplishments in game?
almost have 15 75 and all good geared
Anything you would like to add?
i would like to try to achieve some salvage gear and more endgame gear in time for the fun of the jobs, and benefit to the ls

-Server transfers-
i was on remora before here, but its no good there with exodus using a 5k bot and monopolizing
Please include your server, name(s) on that server, and a link to any linkshells you have been in on the server.
i was Daryn there, and was in exodus for a breif period
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Daryn's app.
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