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 Shellbgold's Application

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PostSubject: Shellbgold's Application   Shellbgold's Application Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 1:38 am

-= Application =-

Jobs Currently 75 and Geared: WHM LOLDNC

Jobs Currently 75 (geared or not): WHM LOLDNC

Jobs interested in lvling or regearing: WHM LOLDNC RDM LOLDRG

Merits: Devotion, shell & pro 5, no foot rise, lots of others...
(name the job then followed by note worthy merits for that job)

Gear:Zenith legs and crown. R.pumps.
(name the job and gear (or gear set) worth mentioing. i.e. - RDM: MND
paralyze build.)

Do you have Sky? see above...
(If not list current mission and weither you are currently working on it.)

Do you have Sea? currently working on cop, mission Diablos v.1
(If not list current mission and weither you are currently working on it.)

Do you have access to Northlands or COP areas in Dynamis? yes
(If not list what areas you can enter and which you need wins in.)

What events are you interested in doing with us? einherjar

Please list previous endgame experience if you have any. I am member of Emotionless and was member of JuponGatana on Bahamut (strictly sky when i was member) also was member of DarkEmpire on Bahamut.

Are you willing to help the LS in events you are not applying for if needed and not interfer with a shell you currently do said event with? sure
(i.e.- Limbus, Dynamis, etc)

Are you able and willing to adapt to new stratgies you are currently not use to? always

Do you know any current LS members that would be willing to vouch for you? more than half of them
(Not knowing someone does not mean you will not get in.)

Do you have access you Ventrilo? Vent plays a major role in LS communication. already a member... yes to mic
(If so please not if you have a Mic or not.)

Anything you would like to add that you feel was not asked in the above application?

-= Server transfers =-

Previous Server:Bahamut
Previous LS: JuponGatana
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Shellbgold's Application
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